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What to Look For in Playing Cards?

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

If you wish to organise a poker tournament at home or if you wish to buy the right kind of playing cards, you would need to consider some of these aspects. There are different kinds of playing cards available in the market in the present day. So when you play poker tournaments at home be sure to have good cards.Plastic cards are durable and of the highest quality. Plastic cards are found in all the casinos. Vinyl cards are good as well as cheaper. These cards do not last as long as the plastic cards. Paper cards are the cheapest, however the corners fold and you would have to change the deck frequently.

Clay Poker Chip Sets

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

We all know that there is some significant different between the poker chips found in the casino and the chip sets found for home purposes. If you are looking to buy the same kind of chips available in the casino, then you are looking at clay chip sets for poker. These are highly durable and enjoyable at the same time. Ceramic chips are known to break easily but are filled with metal to make them more durable. Getting these clay chips at home would be able to recreate the same environment at home.